Big tabs' names in App Designer R2020a

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Anastasia Eltsova
Anastasia Eltsova on 1 May 2021
Commented: Mario Malic on 5 May 2021
I wanted to create an app which makes visible one forms or the other according to the switch position. Some forms are always visible, but changing their positions
But I've met a problem: my app in the AppDesigner editor looks like this:
And after running like this:
Maybe there is a way to change size of the tabs' names before running? I tried to change window's size, but in this case I got an unexpected behavior of dropdown, that have to change position.
Both 3 of dropdowns should change their position (I change property ".Position" in a switch callback)
But 2 of them don't
But when I use breakpoints or toggle switch twice they do change position:
Hope you are not afraid of cyrillic
Anastasia Eltsova
Anastasia Eltsova on 3 May 2021
I'm sorry - I tried to make a question with clearer heading, but Mario Malic commented this post before I posted the other, so I couldn't delete this one.
I use R2020a

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Answers (1)

Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 2 May 2021
I have included the grid layout in the attached example showing the grid layout for Panel. You'll get a warning in the command window, because changing the position property of a component is a little bit different when you use grid layouts, which I have never did before. You can figure out how to do it on your own and I have no doubt that you'll succeed!
Without GridLayout, if you take a look at Switch position
Y coordinate is inconsistent which may be a bit problematic, so, using grid layout in general is better, thus you'll have less issues when dealing with different resolutions when your app is ran on different monitors.
Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 5 May 2021
See the bolded in the comment above yours.

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