Extracting data from matrix

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Ahmet Hakan UYANIK
Ahmet Hakan UYANIK on 2 May 2021
Answered: Chad Greene on 2 May 2021
I have a matrix A with the size of 127x6750 which is longitude and latitude when plotted covering the world. Also matrix B with the same size but consist of zeros and ones; zeros corresponds to ocean, ones corresponds to land.
So when i plot this, I just want to plot data corresponds to ocean. How can i combine both and plot only one feature?

Accepted Answer

Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 2 May 2021
To only plot the ocean data, try masking out the land data by setting those values in A to NaN. like this:
A(B==1) = NaN; % sets land grid cells to NaN
shading flat

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