Auto-Completion-List in app designer

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amakoba yim
amakoba yim on 7 May 2021
Do you have any idea how to integrate in an app designer application an auto-completion or auto filter list to a text field or even better to the drop down? I have a file that contains hundreds of variables to plot, and to facilitate the user to find the desired variable this auto filter list proposes the variable after typing the first letter, the second... I found this code that executes exactly what I want "auto filter list" but I don't know how to integrate it to app designer. And do I have to enter each variable name by hand.
The code:
strs = {'This','is','test1','test2'}; strList = java.util.ArrayList; for idx = 1 : length(strs), strList.add(strs{idx}); end jPanelObj = com.mathworks.widgets.AutoCompletionList(strList,''); javacomponent(jPanelObj.getComponent, [10,10,200,100], gcf);
Link: Je vous remercie d'avance

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