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Visualization of 4 dimensional function

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Manisha Dixit
Manisha Dixit on 20 May 2021
I am calculating a distribution function which is 4 dimensional.
I have two space variables x and y and coresponding to them,two conjugate momenta kx and ky.
Though I know i have to select two conjugate variables at one time and then calling the function and finally plot it for 2 variables.
But i dont know how to store that 4D matrix and then calling it to plot it.
Anything related to 4D would help.

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Girijashankar Sahoo
Girijashankar Sahoo on 20 May 2021
%%% this might be helpful for you there is four variable gives 4D matrix plot
load patients Height Weight Diastolic Systolic % load data
labels = {'Height' 'Weight' 'Diastolic' 'Systolic'};
data = [Height Weight Systolic Diastolic];
[h,ax] = plotmatrix(data); % create a 4 x 4 matrix of plots
for i = 1:4 % label the plots
xlabel(ax(4,i), labels{i})
ylabel(ax(i,1), labels{i})

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