Writing text from a pre-existing notpade?

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Hello all,
I am using MATLAB to plot the results of my numerical similuations wihout the need to open the FEM software.
In the code below, test is the name of the input file that ABAQUS deals with.
Is there a way to avoid repeating the name of the input file several times?
I am thinking about writing the name in a seprate text fil. Then, we can let MATLAB read the name from the these text files?
Can we use this solution?
close all
S = mfilename('fullpath');
f = filesep;
%above sets the path
pause(2) % can this pause stop the job from getting stuck?
system('abaqus job=test cpus=3 interactive' )

Accepted Answer

Jan on 24 May 2021
myPath = fileparts(mfilename('fullpath'));
Name = 'test';
delete(fullfile(myPath, [Name, '.odb']);
delete(fullfile(myPath, [Name, '.lck']);
system(sprintf('abaqus job="%s" cpus=3 interactive', fullfile(myPath, 'test'))
It is not clear, what the pause() command should do. What is stucking where?
Mahmoud Khadijeh
Mahmoud Khadijeh on 30 May 2021
Thank You!
it works perfectly with me.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 May 2021
You might use
recycle on % Deleted files to to recycle bin instead of completely vanishing.
and maybe they had the pause in there to make sure the file was actually deleted before the other process started to check for it. Though 2 seconds seems excessive. You might try 0.1 instead if you need it.

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