Image manipulation questions from a beginner.

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Hello, I'm a student working to learn how to do certain functions in Matlab involving image manipulation. I've figured out how to get the image into matlab, how to flip it upside down. Utilizing matrices for all of these.
The functions I need to learn are:
  1. Reflecting the image over its middle vertical axis.
  2. Creating an upper-right subimage of size 200 x 200 (original image is 512x512).
  3. The result of an image by deleting the even rows.
  4. The image result of transposing the original image.
I know its a bit of a lot but I can't find much online for these specific issues. Again, I'm very much a beginner, I barely know how to make a graph, and my class hasn't provided me any sort of help other than 'google it', which hasn't yielded the best results.
Thank you for your time and any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 May 2021
Edited: Image Analyst on 30 May 2021
Daniel: I assume you are working with gray scale or binary images, though some of these may work for color images.
flippedImage = fliplr(grayImage);
upperRight = grayImage(1:200, end-199:end, :)
noEvenRows = grayImage(1 : 2 : end, :, :);
transposedImage = grayImage';

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