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How to find area of target in an image?

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I need to find out signal to noise or clutter ratio like this.
SNR=double summation(A(i,j)^2/B(m,n)^2) where B[M × N] is B-san data, A[I × J ] is the area of target, A(i, j) and B(m,n) are normalized gray
value (I could not insert a formulae that's why I have written snr equation very badly). my query is how to find area of target in image as I have uploaded
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Jun 2021
Can you outline the target in red or something so we know where in the image it is? Is the target a rectangle or an irregular shape? Is it defined by thresholding? Like it's anything more than a certain intensity away from the background intensity?
And what is B? Is B the entire image? Or the entire image except for the target pixels?
santhosh kumar buddepu
santhosh kumar buddepu on 22 Oct 2021
The target is hyperbola shape. where B is entire image. It is B-scan image which is formed by concatenating all A-scans. for plotting the image I have used imagesc, it is not like normal image which can read and shown by imread and imshow.

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