calculate the difference on the antenna azimuth

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I need to calculate the difference of 2 azimuths (lets say analytical and real azimuth).
There is no issue if both are preatty close in between 0 and 360-eps.
The problem begins if one of them is on the other side of the 0 - if I have analytical to be 359 and actual is 1, the diff is 2 degree. If I'll calculate (analytical - actual) I'll get 358 and if I'll calculate (actual-analytical) I'll get -358 which is wrong for both cases.
Is there some convinient way to do the calculation so that the sign will also be avilable (i.e. who is bigger)

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Aparajith Raghuvir
Aparajith Raghuvir on 7 Jun 2021
Edited: Aparajith Raghuvir on 7 Jun 2021
Hello Michael,
Given an angle A in degrees, the signed angle is
(A + 180) modulo 360 - 180
The difference between two angles, as in your requirement, can be found as follows:
abs(mod((a1+180), 360) - mod((b1+180), 360))
where a1, b1, are the two angles in consideration.
Hope this helps.

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