How to read import csv file with required header while importing reading csv file?

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I have two csv file WT and both have fixed have 52 header. I tried to use below command to read however header is as Var1, Var52 instead of Store no,Date and Time. How can I fix the header problem with importing all the datas from those files? Using opts = detectImportOptions()
table = readtable('WT_201120.csv');
table1 = readtable('WT_.csv');
Arshey Dhangekar
Arshey Dhangekar on 15 Jun 2021
hello its in original format. I haven't used excel to manipulate. For WT_201120.csv file how can I solve? I have similar format csv file.

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Accepted Answer

Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 15 Jun 2021
Here is the solution - data range specified and Variable names set true:
DATA1 = readtable('WT_201120.csv', 'Range','A38:AZ6684', 'ReadVariableNames',true);
% Similarly for the other csv data file.
Note that all column headers are not placed in your csv data except for the first one (Store__No ....). You need to fix this issue in your data file and then import it into MATLAB.

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