mkfilter 2nd order Bessel bug?

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m on 2 Oct 2013
Answered: Zack Peters on 25 Oct 2013
Hello, in the mkfilter() function of the Robust Control Toolbox, I am unable to create a 2nd order Bessel filter, I receive
>> bess = mkfilter(1,2,'bessel');
Undefined function 'ssdata' for input arguments of type 'double'.
3rd order works though:
>> bess = tf(mkfilter(1,3,'bessel'))
Transfer function:
s^3 + 37.7 s^2 + 592.2 s + 1240
Is this a bug in mkfilter? Or is there some theoretical impossibility of a 2nd order Bessel filter?

Answers (1)

Zack Peters
Zack Peters on 25 Oct 2013
This does look to be a possible bug in MKFILTER. Fortunately, the code for MKFILTER is accessible. If you got to lines 60 and 62 of mkfilter.m and change them from:
sys = nd2sys(1,b1);
sys = nd2sys(1,b2);
respectively to:
sys = tf(1,b1);
sys = tf(1,b2);
Then you may be able to get the desired output that you are looking for.


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