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APP table 文字如何居中显示?

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自如 张
自如 张 on 29 Jul 2021
APP 里面的uitable 如何才能使文字居中显示,columnformat 可以修改成左对齐,请问大家如何修改成居中对齐?columnname 输入时无法识别前缀空格符号,请问如何才能识别呢?
When desigening APP, how to center the text in uitable? Space before text in column name can not be recognized, how to make it recognized? Thanks for you answering.

Answers (1)

Alamanda Ponappa Poovaya
Alamanda Ponappa Poovaya on 11 Aug 2021
This is a link to a similar question asked in the forum
However, if you wish to align the column name as well, this feature does not exist in R2021A as of yet. Please refer to the below question for a workaround
Doc for uistyle:


Find more on 环境和设置 in Help Center and File Exchange





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