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Can someone explain why I am getting the error "Not enough input arguments (line 4)"?

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function YY = crossover(X,n)
% X = population
% n = Number of chromosomes to be crossed
[x1 y1] = size(X); LINE 4
Y = zeros(n,y1);
for z = 1:n
B = X(randi(x1),:); % select parent chromosome
r1 = 1 + randi(y1-1);
C = B(1,1:r1);
B(:,1:r1) = []; % cut
[x3 y3] = size(B);
B(1,y3+1:y1) = C;
Y(z,:) = B;
YY = Y;

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2021
You tried to run the function without passing any matrix to it, and matlab complained that it could not find any input being passed to it.
When a function requires parameters then you cannot just press the green Run button, and you cannot just give the name of the function by itself to run the function.

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