Community Advisory Board

The MATLAB Central Community Advisory Board (CAB) works with MathWorks to enhance and advance the MATLAB Central Community. MathWorks invites members that have provided outstanding contributions to MATLAB Central to join the Advisory Board. CAB members serve as advocates for fellow community members on matters that will improve the user experience for all members of our global online community of MATLAB and Simulink users. MATLAB Central would not be the thriving, vibrant, inclusive community that it is without CAB’s involvement, and we are grateful for their support, commitment, and passionate participation.

Frank Fisher
Nickname: Star Strider

Frank is a physician and a diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine. His areas of focus include biomedical engineering, instrumentation, signal processing, control, system identification, and parameter estimation.

In his spare time, Frank is an instrument-rated private pilot, with an airplane single-engine land certificate. Frank is also an amateur radio operator and enjoys playing video games.

Grant Cook III
Nickname: goc3

Grant O. Cook III, PhD, PE, has served as a member of the MATLAB Central Community Advisory Board since its inception to provide end-user feedback from the perspective of applied science and engineering. He also challenges MATLAB users through publishing problems and curating Challenge Groups on Cody, MATLAB Central’s puzzle-based game.

Dr. Cook is a licensed mechanical and materials engineer, materials scientist, and metallurgist with expertise in heat transfer, numerical analysis, statistics, microscopy, microstructure, material testing, phase diagrams, metal-ceramic bonding, and patents.

Guillaume De Sercey
Nickname: Guillaume

Guillaume is a French engineer who has been living in the UK for over 20 years. He is a research fellow at the Advanced Engineering Centre of the University of Brighton. There he specializes in optical and laser diagnostics applied to fluid dynamics, focused on engine in-cylinder combustion and spray formation.

Guillaume also researches innovative combustion systems and energy storage. He uses MATLAB mostly for data processing of engine data and for image processing. Guillaume is interested in computer programming and is fluent in C++, .Net, and Labview.

John D'Errico
Nickname: John D'Errico

John is mainly retired from Eastman Kodak. (Of course, Kodak itself is now semi-retired. John doesn’t think he had any influence in that.) He still writes MATLAB code when he finds something interesting, and writes new tools to put on the File Exchange when he thinks he can make a contribution.

When he’s not doing something with MATLAB, you might find John playing bridge, either in the club or online on BBO.

Kelly Kearney
Nickname: Kelly Kearney

Kelly is currently a research scientist at the University of Washington, JISAO, affiliated with the NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center. Her research interests center on the processes controlling energy flow through pelagic ocean ecosystems, from nutrient cycling and primary production through predator/prey interactions and fisheries harvesting.

Kelly has been using MATLAB for over a decade. She has built several numerical models and does almost all her data analysis and visualization in MATLAB. Kelly has been an active member of the online MATLAB community during that time and credits the newsgroup and Answers forum for much of her MATLAB (and programming) education. She currently uses File Exchange as a curated exhibition of what she considers to be her most useful functions and continues to regularly participate in the Answers forum.

Mark Hayworth
Nickname: Image Analyst

Mark is a senior scientist and inventor in The Procter & Gamble Company (Cincinnati, OH) since 1988, doing image analysis full time. Mark has master’s & Ph.D. degrees in optical sciences (University of Arizona), specializing in imaging, image processing, and image analysis. He has 40+ years of military, academic, and (mostly) industrial experience with image analysis programming and algorithm development.

Mark has experience designing custom light booths and other imaging systems. He also works with color and monochrome imaging, video analysis, thermal, ultraviolet, hyperspectral, CT, MRI, radiography, profilometry, microscopy, NIR and Raman spectroscopy, etc. on a huge variety of subjects.

Matt Jacobson
Nickname: Matt J

Matt is a medical imaging scientist with 9 years industrial and 6 years academic background in tomographic imaging methods. He is currently a principal investigator at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, focusing on the development of cone beam CT techniques for image-guided radiation therapy.

Matt has been a MATLAB user for 25 years, has been active in MATLAB online discussion groups for over 10 years, and is the author of numerous MathWorks File Exchange contributions. Matt did not invent MATLAB, nor is MATLAB named after Matt, but he has found ways to use it in most every aspect of his professional career. Matt credits MATLAB and its community as a tremendous vehicle for mastering programming skills and for staying current on the latest technologies.

Rik Wisselink-Bijker
Nickname: Rik

Rik has done a PhD in radiology in the Netherlands. Since research didn't always scratch the itch of wanting to help others directly, he started participating on Answers and the File Exchange. He is now continuing this educational endeavor professionally as well by developing educational content on AI and healthcare.

Besides Rik's obsession with code compatibility, his MATLAB expertise stems either from his professional field (image/data processing) or his hobby projects (web scraping and text parsing/analysis).

Walter Roberson
Nickname: Walter Roberson

Walter is semi-retired, with a background in telecommunications, systems administration, and scientific programming. Degree was at the intersection of science, mathematics, and computer programming. Currently, Walter lives in central Canada.

Walter is the most prolific answerer in MATLAB Answers, frequently responding to questions on usage for MATLAB, Optimization Toolbox, Symbolic Toolbox, and Image Processing Toolbox.

Yair Altman
Nickname: Yair Altman

Yair is an expert MATLAB consultant, with close to 30 years of professional programming experience. Recognized as a master developer by the MATLAB community, Yair provides MATLAB consulting, programming, and training services to companies and individuals worldwide. He has been a professional programmer and manager since 1991, holding a master’s degree in computer science, and a bachelor’s degree in physics (both with top honors).

Yair is the author of two reference MATLAB textbooks, Accelerating MATLAB Performance and Undocumented Secrets of MATLAB-Java Programming. He is also the owner of numerous useful open-source utilities on MATLAB Central, and the largest independent MATLAB website, Undocumented Matlab. He can also be found on LinkedIn.

Stephen Cobeldick
Nickname: Stephen23

Stephen Cobeldick

Stephen Cobeldick has an academic background in applied mathematics with professional experience in the mathematical modelling of various complex electrical systems from first principals, including for example: echo analysis of public switched telephone networks; finite element analysis of novel generator topologies; power-consumption reduction for HVAC control; selective harmonic elimination motor controllers; product safety risk analyses and various other topics that have landed on his desk over the years.

Stephen Cobeldick has used MATLAB within some of those projects (alongside many other SW tools and appplications), but his File Exchange submissions are purely the result of asking "how does ... work and can it be done better?"

Advisor responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate communication between MathWorks and the MATLAB Central Community
  • Offer feedback and recommendations for proposed community improvements

Advisor eligibility includes:

  • Makes outstanding contributions to one or more MATLAB Central communities – Answers, File Exchange, and/or Cody
  • Demonstrates good communication skills and ability to work with others

If you want to nominate yourself or someone else to become a member of our Community Advisory Board, email us.