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Do you consider yourself a member of the MATLAB Central community?

Definitely not
Probably not
Yes, somewhat
Yes, definitely
Not sure
4598 votes

ABHILASH on 28 Mar 2023
lite version required
Mohamad Azmir
Mohamad Azmir on 21 Mar 2023
Azmir like it
Zapp on 20 Mar 2023
I love using matlab but wasn't aware a matlab community exists. Although I'm unaware of most communities.
Sheraz Aslam
Sheraz Aslam on 15 Mar 2023
MATLAB is my first and so far the best skill. I have benefit a lot from this community and I have also contributed as much as I can in order to benefit other community members.
Chris on 14 Mar 2023
The communities I'm familiar with have places to hang out/chat, plan events, share pics of your gerbils, make friends...
Matlab Central feels more like a game sometimes, community service at other times. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.
Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 10 Mar 2023
The way it is now, some people might feel like a serveants of the community rather than members. While it's amazing to help people with the questions they have, because sometimes, someone might ask a question in which you can learn something new. However, the same questions keep repeating because users: (1) "don't have time" to go through the basics with MATLAB Onramp, (2) can't be bothered to use a search tool, (3) want someone else to solve their problem.
For this to be a better (I am not saying it's bad) community, I feel that the knowledge shared here should be led to rather than repeated because there is so much of it already! For example if the question has already been asked before, rather close it and directly point it to the possible solutions. This way contributors save more time and less low-effort questions are asked on forum.
Rik on 10 Mar 2023
There is also a selection bias here: you never see the people who didn't post a question because they did go through Onramp and used Google (and the documentation!) effectively.
If you have a look at one the almost 40k closed questions a lot of them are closed as duplicate. The moderation in that regard here is probably less active (to use a charitable term) than StackOverflow, but it is still happening.
Duplicate questions can also be a sign of the content not matching what people search for, so only for that reason a link may be a perfectly valid accepted answer.
DGM on 3 Mar 2023
"Do you feel like you're part of the community?" Hmmm I don't know...
"Do you feel like you're the familiar vagrant who sleeps behind the dumpster?" Yeah, that's more like it.
Muhanned Alsaif
Muhanned Alsaif on 2 Mar 2023
I answered "probably not" tho I spend lots of time here because I do not feel I am a community member until I contribute.
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 2 Mar 2023
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Muhanned. By leaving this comment, I believe you have made your 1st contribution!
Rik on 1 Mar 2023
Unsurprisingly, half of the early voters went for a 'yes' option

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