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Example on Sliding Mode Control

version (361 KB) by Auralius Manurung
Example on Sliding Mode Control using a very simple dynamic system.


Updated 02 Dec 2015

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An example on sliding mode control (SMC). The system is a second order dynamic system, consisting of a mass and a damper. The SMC is equipped with chattering reduction mechanism by implementing boundary around the sliding surface.

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Thien Tran

Thanks. It's very interesting and works pretty well. Could you give me please a reference paper/book to understand the theory behind the algorithm? Regards. (

i would like to ask you which is the best (efficient) way to make a sliding mode controler. To code it on matlab or to use matlab simulink for it?

@jobika N MATLAB Simulink changed a lot since 2013. I don't have 2013 version to check. I believe you doneed the newer version of MATLAB.

jobika N

I am using MATLAB 2013a so i cant run the simulation....shall i use MATLAB 2015a version

Very helpful! Thank you

nasir filfil

it good

help me please
Hi I am in need of a control by sliding mode of the photovoltaic system with energy storage
help me please

Anthony Chen

Good one!

It works, I am using MATLAB R2014b.
Run the m-file: run_simu.m

it doesn't work


farrmz (view profile)

oppss sorry, i missread. thought you asked for my email.


farrmz (view profile)

my email is would love to share!

Nghia Vo

May i have your email? I hope i can exchange with you about my project.


farrmz (view profile)

i am using matlab 2014.

@farrmz: are you using the correct MATLAB version?


farrmz (view profile)

i cannot open the SMC block.


cheney (view profile)


Updated the project image.

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