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Mobile Robotics Training Toolbox

version 1.2 (4.4 MB) by MathWorks Student Competitions Team
Mobile Robotics Training library and Simulation Map Generator app for the training video series.


Updated 14 Aug 2020

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Find videos showing how to use this toolbox here:

>> Use the Simulation Map Generator App to import formatted maps/sketches/pictures of courses/fields to generate simulation maps for line following and obstacle detection applications.
>> Use the map with the Mobile Robotics Training library blocks (such as Encoder, Line Sensor and Ultrasonic Sensor simulations) to simulate closed-loop mobile robotics systems. The library comes with a Robot Simulator that helps visualize differential drive robot kinematics.

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Kobra Ghasemi

The "Soft Real Time" block is meant to slow down the simulation for the animation. In newer MATLAB versions it is recommended to delete the block and instead set the simulation pacing. It is an option included in the "Run" button, see the following link for more information.
If this is not possible then make sure you have a valid compiler setup in MATLAB and then reinstall the toolbox.

Sneha Gadkari

I am learning mobile robotics: controlling robot motion tutorial from youtube. I am getting following error.
Error in S-function 'r11/Robot Simulator/Soft Real Time': S-Function 'sfun_time' does not exist.
Please let me know, how to resolve this?

Carrie Liu

@TEJAS, you would need to run some experiments at different motor voltages measuring the angular speed. Make sure you ran these experiments under operational loads. Hope this helps.


how to obtain motor parameters for specific motor and obtain lookup table?

Nazib Sobhan


Tan Thuyen Nguyen

Thanks alot (y)

shital chiddarwar


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