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Kerr black hole animation

version 2.1 (1.23 KB) by Mathworlds
A function to create an animation of a Kerr black hole with the path of an object passing throught its horizon.


Updated 02 Jan 2021

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For pedagogic / scientific diffusion purposes.

F5 to run and create the animation file named 'Kerr_black_hole_animation.gif' that will appear in the same directory as you registered this .m file.

Surface is a catenoid. The trajectory of an object taken by the black hole while the rotation increased is drawn in red.

Parameters -like the ones for the display- may be tuned in the file header.

To benefit from the file documentation attached, be sure to download the file, not to just copy and paste it.

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Mathworlds (2021). Kerr black hole animation (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)


Of course, there is still room for improvement.


Hi Pink_panther, thank you again for comment and rating. What do you exactly mean ? Any idea welcome ;-)


but can not rotate 3D plot

Tianyuan Chen


I have made plenty others on various subjects. Feel free to explore and download ;-)


Happy you used it Angelina :)

Angelina Swift

Thanks a lot! It's very cool!

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