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Deep Learning For Object Detection

version 1.0.1 (61.6 MB) by MathWorks Student Competitions Team
Code Files for MATLAB and Simulink Robotics Arena - Deep Learning for Object Detection video series


Updated 08 Apr 2020

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Code files for MATLAB and Simulink Robotics Arena - Deep Learning for Object Detection video series. This series comprises of the following 4 videos:

1. Data Pre-processing for Deep Learning -
2. Design and Train a YOLOv2 Network in MATLAB -
3. Import Pre-trained Deep Learning Networks into MATLAB -
4. Deploy YOLOv2 to an NVIDIA Jetson -

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Akshay Gore

Contact for code and support
Whatsapp +91 9464894829

1. RGB-Image-encryption-based-on-chaotic-system-and-DNA-algorithm

2. Image-encryption-based-on-chaotic-system

3. Image encryption by generating Halton sequences

4. Chaos-based-Image-Encryption

5. Text-Encryption Matlab code for AES,DES,Hybrid AES-DES and AES w/ chaos

6. Image encryption and decryption using chaotic key sequence generated by sequence of logistic map and sequence of states of Linear Feedback Shift Register

7. A New Approach of Image Encryption Using 3D Chaotic Map to Enhance Security of Multimedia Component

8. MATLAB was used for the implementation of Chaotic Digital Image Encryption.

9. Multiple-Color-Image-Encryption

10. Cryptanalyzing an Image Scrambling Encryption Algorithm of Pixel Bits.

11. Novel Image Compression encryption hybrid algorithm based on a key-controlled measurement matrix in compressive sensing.

12. An Image Encryption Scheme Based on a Hybrid Model of DNA Computing, Chaotic Systems and Hash Functions.

13. Colour image encryption algorithm combining Arnold map, DNA sequence operation, and a Mandelbrot set.

14. Advanced Encryption Standard

15. Reversible-Data-Hiding-by-Reserving-Room-Before-Encryption-MATLAB.

16. Image Encryption and Decryption Using Logistic Map Equation and Linear Feedback Shift.

17. A simple Matlab implementation of the algorithm presented in the paper: "Reversible-data-hiding-in-Encrypted-image"

17. Image encryption and encoding methods

19. DES 64bit Encryption and Decryption

20. Matlab project on blind digital watermarking and encryption.

21. Encrypting an image using Salient Object Detection and K-Means Clustering.

22. Recurrent Scale Approximation for Object Detection in CNN.

23. Object detection via a multi-region & semantic segmentation-aware CNN model.

24. R-FCN: Object Detection via Region-based Fully Convolutional Networks

25. Adversarial Examples for Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection.

26. Object Detection in Videos toolkit for VisDrone2019

27. Computational biology and medical image processing scripts and programs.
28. A MATLAB library/toolbox providing access to image registration suitable for use with medical images.
29. Lung medical image analysis and visualisation software for Matlab.
30. Medical ultrasound image processing.Carotid ultrasoung segmentation using RF data.
31. A Phase Congruency and Local Laplacian Energy Based Multi-Modality Medical Image Fusion Method in NSCT Domain.
32. Automatic tool for landmark localisation in 3D medical images.
33. Advanced-Medical-Image-Processing.
34. Recognizing and Refining the location of Individual Vessels in Segmented Retinal Images.
35. Image segmentation method on medical image is provided and tested.
36. 3D non-rigid image registration for medical and synthetic images using truncated hierarchical B-splines (THB-Splines).
37. Laplacian Re-Decomposition for Multimodal Medical Image Fusion[J]. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2020.
38. Medical software for Processing multi-Parametric images Pipelines.
39. Prostate cancer segmentation based on MRI and PET images.
40. Image segmentation methods for biomedical purposes such as cell segmentation, blood vessel segmentation (eye blood vessels), and segmentation of brain tumors.
41. Medical Image Analysis Breast Cancer Lesion Detection.
42. Medical image enhancement based on nonlinear technique and logarithmic transform coefficient histogram matching.
43. Machine Learning: A Bayesian and Optimization Perspective.

Howard Labido

I am trying to apply to solid waste detection like plastic bottles, straw and lid.
For plastic solid waste recycling:

xin li

Saad Bin Sajid

Very Helpful! Allah Bless You And Guide You!


yolov3/yolov4 reference here ,weclome to star~~~

Kha Dang

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