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How can I Convert TS File To MP4?
Check out this piece of code which converts any video format to MP4. Link It does not support MKV files.

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How to change video format from AVI to MP4
Convert any video format to .mp4 video format. It does not support the MKV format. % clc; % clear all; % close all; % Browse...

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How Create Pentad average
You can calculate the 5 point moving average using the MATLAB function movmean pentadAvg = movmean(dataArray, 5)

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How can I plot confusion matrix using the below code?
There is a plotconfusion function in MATLAB Deep Learning Toolbox for plotting the confusion matrix.

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How to solve a set of DAEs with multiple dependent differential variables
Check out the Robertson Problem. I think it is similar to the semi-explicit DAE like the one you provided. Link

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How to save a GUI figure in matlab
You can use the saveas command to save your figure to a specific file format. % ... h = figure; plot(X, y, '-bs', 'Linewidth'...

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How to apply Command line arguments in matlab
The MATLAB website has a worked-through example with instructions on how to compile a simple application and how to deploy it on...

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