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need help to plot x,y data points with 'o' without line and y_hat smooth graph
You can use the plot function and use an option for styling the line plot to show the line as -o plot(x,y_hat,'-o') Above lin...

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Write/Read CSV file
To create a matrix with text you can create a 2D array of chars. To do that you can use the following code: data = ['MATLAB '...

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print a matrix in a specific sequence
You can use the repmat function here If you have to print the patter N (here 10) times, use the following code: A = [5 4 3 2 1...

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how to swap two bits in matlab.? which cammond is used for this..?
Remember that Matlab has 1 based indexing and therfore when you wish to swap the 0th and 3rd bit in above number, it is actually...

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How to perform FFT analysis for a sinusoidal wave.
Considering that X is the array of the flame heights at different time values and L is the number of samples of the data, Fx = ...

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