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A humble disciple of the Jobs and Feynman school of thought that is the beauty of simplicity, and attempt to reflect the same in my answers. Interested in machine learning and related fields.

Disclaimer: Any articles /ideas/opinions here are my own and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.


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I’m working on Numerical Methods using MATLAB GUI. I need a simple code on Secant method using GUI. I’m beginner and I have not much command. Kindly help me
The File Exchange section would yield a few results that can be used as reference to understand functioning of the Secant method...

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Is is possible to control the order of inherited class properties?
Although there isn’t any explicit way by which the order of printing of the properties can be changed, you can attempt to overlo...

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Having Trouble Using The collintest!
The error that occurred was due to the presence of a NaN or Inf value in the matrix, and since the svd function within collintes...

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Exponential moving average doesn't seem to work properly
The general equation of the Exponential Moving Average is given as follows: EMA = (Current value x Multiplier) + (Prev. EMA x...

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how to find the pixel that drop from 0-100
My understanding is that you require a way to identify the total number of pixels that have an intensity value between 0 and 100...

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How to change the color range on bar chart
My understanding is that you require a way to modify the color range of the bar graph to distinctly identify the colors being us...

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