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Increase amount of data extracted from Nyquist plot
Hi, The nyquist function when used as nyquist(sys,w), w is specified as the frequency interval for your particular system. So, ...

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Accessing org.postgresql.util.PGobjects in Matlab tables
Hey, The function cell2mat works when the cell array data is of numeric type. As the '' is not of numeric type, it wi...

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Simulink: How to run a subsystem only once per time step regardless of solver?
Hi, You can set the sample time of a block to [0, 1], it then becomes fixed-in-minor-step. For this setting, Simulink does not ...

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Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

12 months ago

Moving plot of a sine wave.
Hi, To make the plot move, you will need to keep updating the ‘t’ vector in for/while loop and then plot the sine wave. For ...

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Creating a step function for multiple array indexes.
As ‘d’ is a 1xN array, the floor function in Line 3 of the if loop (steps = floor(d)) will operate on each element of ‘d’ array,...

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Sorting a fields alignment of a structure
The following blog explains how you can sort a structure array according to the field name:

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How to write data array as excel file (keeping column orientation)
In the line: T=array2table({A,B},'VariableNames',{'A','B'}) the use of curly braces in combining two arrays {A,B}, would retu...

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Adapting an existing Matlab Function to compute frequencies from table amounts
The MATLAB function 'sum' and operation './' (element wise division), used in the 'to_frequency()' function is not applicable fo...

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