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Phd. Student at University of Concepción, Chile.
Electronic (automation) engineer.


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Bug in stem (!?): First element not displayed in some cases
The first value is plotted too close to the Y axis and tend to disappear in the default window. If you increase the window size ...

7 years ago | 1

Declare multiple global variables at once
Use a structure. K.a=1; K.b=2; K.etc=3; Then you pass K. Regards

8 years ago | 0

UIPanel Changes Content Automatically
Is your code in the appropiate callback? I think that in switch you should have the "selected variable", cause it should have t...

8 years ago | 0

Create a polar surf plot with 3 measured data vectors
It can be done. I don't know how you have your turbulency saved, so I will supose a turbulence function. Let's say that: x=wind...

8 years ago | 0

Why is my script returning NaN for values of an array ONLY when used in a for loop?
Hi. I think you have a problem reading some files information. Make sure that "data" variable is a numeric matrix. You can run ...

8 years ago | 0