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How can I change the buffer size on NI-Daq device, using session-based interface ?
You can use “getdata” function to acquire data of specific size. Following sample code demonstrates how to use “getdata” functio...

5 years ago | 0

Change properties of more than one channel for a session-based DAQ object
“set” function can be used to assign similar properties to multiple channels. Following sample code demonstrates how to use “set...

10 years ago | 0

Computing the Inverse of Co-variance Matrix results in "Inf". What could be the problem?
“Warning: Matrix is singular to working precision” indicates that you have encountered a round off error that demonstrates a...

10 years ago | 0

Seeding RNG in MEX function
MEX library does not have a specific function to generate random numbers. In the code you have provided, you are trying to seed ...

10 years ago | 0

ERROR USING MEX - MatLab R2011b - Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express
“Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express“ compiler is not a supported compiler with MATLAB R2011b. I highly recommend you to install a...

10 years ago | 0