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How can I control the stacking order of objects in appdesigner?
You could also keep a list of handles; e.g. in the variable _background_ and than move all of these to the background. hfig...

4 years ago | 0

how to make unzip faster in matlab?
I had the same issue. Using an external program (7-zip) solved the issue for me. Extracting and repacking 1000+ zip files was > ...

5 years ago | 6

How can I export figure as png?
Best option is to use the export_fig function from the file exchange. It actually works out of the box and intuitively (not like...

7 years ago | 1

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What frustrates you about MATLAB?
A big annoyance: function like mesh and surf plot the interpolated data while shifted by 0.5 pixels. Very annoying and confus...

8 years ago | 0