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Point Cloud Reconstruction From Disparity Map Not Working
I made a support ticket for it because I found this during my dissertation. It is not considered a bug by the MathWorks team as ...

2 years ago | 0

3d Point Cloud forming like a prism
I contacted the MATLAB support team about this issue and told them I wrote a few dozen lines of code to constrain the giant pris...

2 years ago | 0

Matlab Stereo Camera Calibrator Scene Reconstruction Error
There is additional custom logic required to restrict the point cloud output from 1600m to the 3-4m in that scene: https://gi...

2 years ago | 0

What should go in a next-generation MATLAB X?
An LSP for other IDEs, better documentation of the Python engine, easier install of MEfP using some kind of shell script or dep ...

2 years ago | 2

MATLAB - Going from a disparity map to point cloud from stereo images on HELP!
@Hanieh Shabanian @Haseeb Majid the solution is simple: disparityMap(disparityMap > 12) = 0;

2 years ago | 0