Simulink 3D Animation



Simulink 3D Animation

Simulate and visualize dynamic systems in a 3D environment

Product Highlights

3D Scenes

Use prebuilt scenes, import scenes built in RoadRunner, or use a custom scene built in the Unreal® Editor. Visualize scenes in a photorealistic 3D environment using the Unreal Engine from Epic Games®.

Static and Dynamic Actors

Build, import, and interact with actors at edit time or run time including vehicles, objects, pedestrians, lights, and annotations. Simulate actors with object interaction events, including collision detection, using the physics engine in Unreal Engine.

Sensor Models

Obtain high-fidelity sensor data from the 3D environment.  Perform closed-loop simulations or generate synthetic data sets using data from camera, lidar, and ultrasonic sensor models or from more advanced models available with Computer Vision Toolbox and Radar Toolbox.

Programmatic Interfaces

Use MATLAB APIs to create and modify scenes, actors, objects, and sensors.

Weather Effects

Customize the weather in the 3D environment, including sun position, clouds, snow, rain, and fog intensity.

Hardware Interface

Interact with the 3D environment using interfaces to input hardware, including joysticks, steering wheels, and pedals.

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