Design for Six Sigma and System Engineering Management Software


  • Requirements management
  • Critical parameter management
  • Variation management
  • Transfer function management
  • House of Quality generation and management
  • Complete design for Six Sigma modeling system


Cockpit® provides an enterprise-wide collaborative infrastructure for managing your Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Critical Parameter (CP), and System Engineering (SE) models, software applications, and related data. Without leaving your SSC project, you can launch other applications, load files and parameters, and report results or use them to populate other models or applications. Access, security, revision control, and notification functions are provided for all data, documents, models, and applications regardless of format.

Cockpit has interfaces to MATLAB and Simulink to provide input variables and collect output data from MATLAB models. Information about input/output variable names and other model information can be stored to enable non-experts to run MATLAB or Simulink models. MATLAB models may be combined with other models or data in a hierarchical tree to better simulate the entire product functional model.

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Required Products


  • Windows


  • Consulting
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • On-site assistance
  • Telephone
  • Training

Product Type

  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Mechanics and Compression Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery