Qualify Simulink and Polyspace verification tools for DO-178 and DO-278

DO Qualification Kit provides documentation, test cases, and procedures that let you qualify Simulink® and Polyspace® software verification tools for projects based on DO-178C, DO-278A, and related supplements. The kit contains tool qualification plans, tool operational requirements, and other materials required for qualifying software verification tools. With the kit, you can streamline certification of embedded systems developed using supported Simulink and Polyspace products.

Tool qualification kits are available for specific versions of Simulink and Polyspace verification tools based on DO-330, Software Tool Qualification Considerations. You can modify the artifacts in the tool qualification kit for your specific project and include them in the DO-178C and DO-278A certification packages submitted for certification.


What is DO-178?

Learn about DO-178, an international safety standard used to certify commercial avionic system software.

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Qualifying Tools

Implement the tool qualification approach specified in DO-178C.

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Certifying Systems

Develop and verify systems using Model-Based Design.

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DO Qualification Kit requires: MATLAB

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