MATLAB Licensing for Campus-Wide Use


Campus-Wide License for License Administrators

Accelerate learning and research with MATLAB and Simulink

Scalable Infrastructure

Create a Scalable Infrastructure

A Campus-Wide License offers significant advantages over managing multiple individual academic licenses, including lowering your license overhead while expanding end-user access.

Lower License Overhead

  • Single license covering all users and machines
  • Predictable cost model for budget planning
  • Installation support from MathWorks technical staff to reduce help desk overhead
  • Technical support for faculty and researchers

Automate Compliance

  • Shibboleth integration available for institutions on EduGain member federations
  • Self-serve link to license with email-domain matching for non-Shibboleth institutions

Provide Access On and Off Campus

Users have anytime, anywhere access to the latest release of MATLAB, Simulink, and approximately 100 additional products. This includes:

  • All campus and personal devices
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Third-party access for visitors with university credentials
  • Access to MATLAB on a smartphone using MATLAB Mobile
  • Access to MATLAB via any web browser using MATLAB Online

Scale Up with Clusters and Clouds

MATLAB Parallel Server allows cluster administrators to:

  • Integrate with scheduler submission tools on the cluster so users can stay in MATLAB and administrators can stay in control
  • Simplify license management with a centralized license that can accommodate multiple clusters
  • Provide open access to scaling for MATLAB throughout campus
Onboarding Support

Get Onboarding Support

When adopting a Campus-Wide License, MathWorks will establish a dedicated team to support you from license launch to campus-wide rollout and beyond.

Build Awareness for Your Campus-Wide License

  • Set up a MathWorks-hosted MATLAB portal, so that users can link to the license and install software
  • Build awareness for the license using customized content to feed university communication channels

Ensure Successful Deployment

  • Support license deployment across campus machines
  • Set up MATLAB Parallel Server for clusters and HPC centers
  • Implement Federated Identity Management (Shibboleth), if desired

Seek Curriculum Support

  • Update curricula to meet accreditation requirements
  • Discover the latest technology for multidisciplinary research and commercialization efforts
  • Incorporate technology into MOOCs