Simulink Control Design


Simulink Control Design

Linearize models and design control systems

PID Controller Tuning

Automatically tune PID controllers in a Simulink model using the PID Tuner app. Deploy and run the PID tuning algorithm on your embedded hardware by generating C code for the Closed-Loop PID Autotuner block.

Classical Control Design

Tune SISO control loops in Simulink using graphical, automated tuning tools with the Control System Designer app.

Multiloop, Multiobjective Tuning

Automatically tune arbitrary SISO and MIMO decentralized control structures modeled in Simulink to satisfy time and frequency domain design requirements using the Control System Tuner app.

Gain Scheduling

Automatically tune gain-scheduled controllers for nonlinear or time-varying plants to meet performance requirements throughout your system’s operating envelope.

Data-Driven Control

Implement data-driven, learning-based control techniques with Simulink blocks for active disturbance rejection control, extremum-seeking control, model reference adaptive control, and constraint enforcement.

Operating Points

Find the operating points of your Simulink model using specifications or simulation times. Use the Steady State Manager app to interactively trim your model from state, input, and output specifications.


Linearize continuous, discrete, and multirate Simulink models using the Model Linearizer app. Identify and fix common linearization issues using the LinearizationAdvisor object.

Frequency Response Estimation

Estimate frequency responses and examine frequency domain characteristics of Simulink models using input-output data. Deploy your estimation algorithm as an embedded application for real-time estimation of a physical plant.

Reference Applications

Use reference application examples for flight control, power electronics, robotics, and other applications to design and analyze controllers for systems modeled in Simulink.

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