Financial Analysis and Trading

MathWorks Consulting Services helps financial operations build fast and flexible solutions. Speed and scalability are of the utmost importance in pricing and trading models where rapid innovation is a key competitive advantage. MathWorks Consultants have worked with hundreds of companies to help develop applications for portfolio optimization, back-testing, and program trading. We train financial professionals to scale these applications from single-user desktop to web front-end accessible to many users.

Rapid algorithm development and testing

MathWorks Consultants have experience in developing back-testing applications and frameworks for seamless integration of customer-defined algorithms. Leveraging industry background in financial application development, plus deep knowledge of MATLAB tools for application deployment, we coach you on flexible and efficient techniques to implement pricing algorithms, optimization algorithms, and back-testing applications, as well as real-time database and data feeds connections.

Deploying into production

Fast deployment of your algorithm is as important as the algorithm itself. Deploying your MATLAB algorithms into production often involves working in other environments like C#, Java®, or VBA. With insider knowledge of the latest MATLAB technologies, MathWorks Consultants integrate your MATLAB algorithms into your IT environment and provide a framework to easily update algorithms without recoding.

MathWorks Consultants work with you to:

  • Achieve robust algorithm implementations quicker
  • Reduce the overall development effort required for web deployment
  • Build in-house competency through project-based coaching sessions and knowledge transfer