Industrial Automation and Machinery

MathWorks Consulting Services enables engineers to take full advantage of MATLAB® and Simulink® to analyze, evaluate, model, and simulate industrial automation systems and industrial power. Our Consultants provide assistance in areas such as statistical methods supporting process control, optimization of power and machine sizing, analysis and report automation, and communication protocol development. We work with you to prototype process and control algorithms with the additional benefit of automatically generating C and HDL code for deployment.

industrial automation consulting

Engineers worldwide use MATLAB and Simulink to analyze and design complex systems. MathWorks Consulting Services has broad industry background and mastery of MATLAB and Simulink, and works with you to:

  • Model complex intelligent industrial systems including automation, fault diagnostics, avoidance of critical conditions, optimization, and adaptive behavior
  • Generate C or HDL code for implementation and deployment
  • Develop solutions to enable integration with standard industrial communication protocols including DeviceNET, SCADA, EtherCAT, Ethernet IP, and others
  • Utilize statistical methods, user interfaces, and large dataset management techniques to automate data acquisition, analysis, and reporting
  • Implement vision control and vision analysis systems
  • Develop detailed electrical power system models of the industrial system supporting optimization of electrical power and machine sizing

The goal of every MathWorks Consulting Services project is to strengthen your skills and leave you self-sufficient and in control of your own processes, applications, and design work.

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