Model-Based Design for Production Real-Time Embedded Systems

Model-Based Design is an efficient and cost-effective way to develop complex embedded systems in aerospace, automotive, communications, and other industries. Rather than relying on physical prototypes and textual specifications, Model-Based Design utilizes a system model as an executable specification throughout development. It supports system-level and component-level design and simulation, automatic code generation, and continuous test and verification. These capabilities combined with improved communications through the use of graphical models, powerful analytical tools, and traceability from requirements to models to code, have made Model-Based Design the de facto design methodology for embedded systems.

Utilizing technical expertise gained from working with hundreds of companies, MathWorks Consulting Services works with you to solve your Model-Based Design deployment and application problems.

Modeling real-time embedded systems for efficiency, functionality, and verification

MathWorks Consulting Services helps you to develop an overall Model-Based Design workflow for the specific needs of your project. We assist you in creating architecture for models and data to facilitate concurrent development, testability, readability, and reusability. We also teach and apply industry best practices for modeling, including establishing custom model style guidelines based on your organizational goals.

Ensuring quality, consistency, and accuracy of requirements, as well as optimizing design

We work with you to map out a simulation strategy including development of plant models with appropriate fidelity to enable high-level requirements validation via system-level simulation, optimization of design, and refinement and verification of low-level requirements via unit-level simulation. MathWorks consultants demonstrate how to employ system-level simulation to determine initial adjustment or calibration values.

Generating efficient code and integrating into software architecture

MathWorks consultants instruct you in how to configure your models and generate code to align with your project software architecture, integrate with operating systems, and interface to legacy utilities and hardware device drivers. We show you how to configure your data, functions, and files generated from a model to achieve the required software interfaces and coding standards.

Ensuring quality of the design and achieving compliance at a reduced cost

We guide you in the development of a verification framework to perform functional, structural, and robustness testing to meet project-specific needs. The framework works with a variety of test inputs, analyzing results, which includes pass/fail criteria and generation of required artifacts. The framework is tailored to achieve company quality objectives and industry certification standards such as DO-178C, ISO 26262, and IEC 61508. We can help establish or fine tune your development process around certification standards, ensuring that you achieve the best possible value from MATLAB and Simulink and significant reduction in development effort.

MathWorks consultants help you to:

  • Achieve the desired level of design consistency, quality, and efficiency with fewer iterations
  • Develop or optimize workflow with Model-Based Design to reduce development effort and time-to-market
  • Build in-house competency through project-based coaching sessions and knowledge transfer
Specification Modeling is the practice of creating models which define the expected behavior of a system. Learn how you can generate requirements-based test cases using Simulink Design Verifier from a Specification Model.
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