SystemBuild to Simulink Migration Service

Many organizations using SystemBuild are recognizing the benefits of migrating to a development environment based on MATLAB and Simulink. The MathWorks Consulting Services Group offers a service to help customers implement a proven migration path.

The basis of the service is the SystemBuild-to-Simulink Converter (SB2SL), which is part of the Simulink product family and which largely automates the conversion process, eliminating the tedium of hand conversion, saving time and money while reducing errors.

SB2SL is generally able to successfully translate large portions of SystemBuild models. However, models often contain certain components that require manual translation. MathWorks provides customized support to ensure that the resulting Simulink model is not only an accurate reflection of the original, but also optimized for performance.

The MathWorks Consulting Services Group has worked with global companies across a wide range of industries to deliver SystemBuild-to-Simulink Converter (SB2SL) services, for many different types of models. The migration service includes the following elements:

Initial assessment, requirements capture, and model conversion

We help determine the project scope and set the technical requirements for the model conversion process. This will include running SB2SL and assessing the conversion results.

Custom translation and optimization

We assist with manual translation of unconverted blocks or code. Customers can opt to have the Simulink model optimized for performance and code generation.

Testing and verification

We design and implement frameworks to perform validation testing and ensure functional equivalence between the SystemBuild and Simulink models (back-to-back testing).

Enhancing collaboration

We provide standardization support to enable developers to easily understand one another’s models. We develop documentation outlining conventional modeling styles, customized for your requirements, to facilitate broader tooling adoption and increase team productivity.

MathWorks Consulting Services works with you to:

  • Plan the migration process
  • Efficiently convert SystemBuild models to Simulink and MATLAB
  • Verify functional equivalence of converted models
  • Foster higher team productivity