Tools Integration

MathWorks Consulting Services helps customers integrate MATLAB® and Simulink® into their disparate development and business workflows to maximize the benefits of MathWorks technologies, and automate, streamline, and improve their organization’s processes. We make MATLAB, Simulink and your third-party tools work well together.

Tools integration can be categorized into two main forms:

Data Exchange

MATLAB and Simulink can be integrated with third-party tools to exchange data such as querying databases, interacting with data visualization tools, or comparing interface information between a design and its Simulink model.

tools integration consulting

Tool Control

MATLAB and Simulink can control or be controlled by third-party tools to enable an efficient and simplified workflow and minimize manual interventions. Examples include integration with product lifecycle management (PLM) tools, or on-target code coverage testing from interactive development environments (IDEs).

While tools integration covers a wide range of workflows, in general the following steps are part of developing a solution:

Define Workflow and Functionality

We work with you to understand your organization’s development or business processes and build relevant integration requirements.

Investigate and Verify Third-Party Interfaces

The integration solution may rely on a third-party application programming interface (API).  MathWorks Consultants investigate, test, and verify these APIs to confirm necessary functionality and reliability under real-world conditions.

Development and Testing of Integrated Solution

We work with you to develop an integrated solution using a variety of technologies including MATLAB scripts, industry-standard languages like C/C++, .NET, Python, or Java, and web-based technologies involving large-scale enterprise data architectures.

MathWorks Consultants:

  • Use insider knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink features to implement a seamless integration
  • Shorten development cycles with automated and simplified integrated workflows
  • Build in-house competency through customized, project-based coaching sessions