Video and Webinar Series

MathWorks Minidrone Competition

Get a quick overview of the MathWorks Minidrone Competition. This video series consists of a few tips and tricks that will guide you through the different stages of the competition. These suggestions will help you better understand the competition task and move further along in the challenge with confidence.

Introduction to the Competition Get a quick introduction to the MathWorks Minidrone Competition.

Competition Rules Learn more about the rules and guidelines for the two rounds of the competition.

Model Description Hear details about the Simulink model that needs to be used for the competition

Deploy on Hardware Learn about the workflow you'll use while deploying the Simulink model on the Parrot Minidrone.

Planning Flight States Know how to plan the flight of the minidrone using Stateflow.

Competition Arena See an illustration of the arena for both rounds of the competition, along with details on changing the simulation arena.

Creating Arena Tracks Learn how create tracks to test your models for the MathWorks Minidrone Competition.

Minidrone Virtual Lab Learn how to get started with the Minidrone Virtual Lab modules, from the basics of autonomous systems to the details of control, maneuvering, and perception.

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