Video and Webinar Series

MathWorks Wireless Series: Transforming the Next Generation of Wireless Communication

Over the last decade, technologies, like autonomous systems, high speed wireless systems, IoT are quickly progressing and with the recent roll out of 5G network there has been a strong influence on Wireless investments in India.

Undoubtably, the Semi-Conductor Industry is the cornerstone of this evolution, with technologies and hardware being developed and delivered by the ecosystem of Semi-Conductor companies including Large-Mid size & Start-Ups.

MathWorks recently concluded a 2-part Wireless series, where we brought together Industry experts and application engineers covering some of the most relevant and exciting areas of Wireless technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Mobile & Connectivity standards, and Design & Simulation. 

The series was attended by 350+ professionals from the industry including startups and academicians. 

Few highlights:

  • The series had insightful presentations from Industry speakers like Sunil HR – VP Technology & Solutions – Saankhya Labs, Muthukrishnan Chinnasamy – CEO SFAL and Satya Kumar Vankayala – Staff Engineer Samsung R&D Institute, India. 

  • Special talks by Dr. Satya Kumar Vankayala from Samsung India sharing his insights on Machine learning in 5G systems & Vinoth Thuruvas from Capgemini presenting on Development of O-RU in UE Emulator for 5G-NR

  • The MathWorks application engineering team curated specific topics covering Mobile & Connectivity standards, Design & Simulation, Automations & top-down design of semiconductor devices  

Please feel free to go through this collection of recordings and contact us for any queries.

Design and Analysis of Industry Standard High-Speed Serial Links Learn about new capabilities for modelling, simulation and implementation of high-speed serial links using MATLAB and Simulink.

Accelerating Automated Driving Hardware and Software Development using MATLAB & Simulink Learn how MATLAB & Simulink can provide many reference examples and prebuilt algorithms for computer vision, radar, lidar processing, sensor fusion, path planning, and controls to accelerate the design of automated driving system functionalities.

Prototyping and Verifying Wireless Systems on FPGAs and ASICs Learn about different aspects of hardware design and verification and use MATLAB and Simulink to reduce development effort and improve quality of FPGAs and ASICs.