Video and Webinar Series

Performing Power System Studies

This video series will explore key aspects of performing power system studies. You will learn how to automatically build network models, run several scenarios simultaneously, and analyze large amounts of data.


Introduction to Performing Power System Studies Consider the broader workflow in your power systems studies, which often require the capabilities of a computational ecosystem rather than a single model.

Technical Applications

Part 1: Overview Perform power system studies using MATLAB and Simulink tools.

Part 2: Building Network Models Automatically Read data from external sources, automate the creation of power system network models, configure models to allow playback of measured data, run Monte-Carlo studies, and vary model fidelity using MATLAB and Simulink .

Part 3: Running Multiple Scenarios Using Multiple Cores Simulate multiple scenarios across many cores, and decrease the time it takes to perform Monte-Carlo studies using MATLAB and Simulink .

Part 4: Working with Large Amounts of Simulation Data Access, manage, and analyze large amounts of simulation data using the techniques available in MATLAB and Simulink products.

Other Considerations

Mitigating Complexity in Engineering Workflows Learn about how to mitigate the complexity inherent to engineering workflows that use multiple software platforms.

Creep Towards the Solution with MATLAB De-risk simulation projects by creeping towards the solution using the MATLAB product family.

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