Video and Webinar Series

Robotics for Smart Factory

Advanced robotics systems are core in the factory of the future. Designing autonomous robotics systems requires knowledge and experience in many engineering domains, including mechanical design, perception, decision making, control design, and embedded systems. The role of robotics in smart factories has evolved beyond the automation of production processes to a complete manufacturing chain including warehousing, quality assurance and inspection, and collaborative operations. This video series discuss challenges and provide ideas for solutions to the advancement of intelligent robotics systems for smart factories applications.

Industrial Robots for Manufacturing Learn how you can design, test, validate and verify, and deploy complex industrial robotics applications.

Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Robotics This talk will analyze the benefits and challenges of predictive maintenance and describe the solution proposed by MathWorks to overcome these obstacles and realize efficient predictive maintenance systems.

Multi-Agent Systems for Warehouse Applications Explore how to design, simulate, and scale multi-agent systems by evaluating objectives such as sizing a workspace, optimizing available resources, and maximizing work.

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