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Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems: Implementation in MATLAB and Simscape Multibody, 3rd edition

Updated throughout for the third edition, Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems offers step-by-step instructions on the fundamentals of mechanism kinematics, synthesis, statics and dynamics, alongside demonstrating its real-world applications.

Following updates made by MATLAB, replacing Simmechanics with new system Simscape Multibody, this textbook provides updated instructions and example problems to fully enable the reader to use this new and improved system. New features discussed in the book include enhanced rendering, 3D geometry in animations of user-generated solutions for planar linkages, spatial linkages, and robotic systems. The textbook provides the perfect companion to aid students in analyzing and designing mechanical systems.

The book will be of interest to students and professional in the field of automotive engineering, mechatronics and robotics, with a special focus on kinematics, dynamics and machine design.

About This Book

Kevin Russell, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Qiong Shen, Softalink LLC
Raj S. Sodhi, New Jersey Institute of Technology

CRC Press, Inc., 2022

ISBN: 9781032328317
Language: English

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