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Using Simulink and Simscape with Detailed SPICE Subcircuits

By Radovan Vuletic, Infineon Technologies, and Rick Hyde, MathWorks

When designing a power converter, you should consider tradeoff studies involving multiple criteria that benefit from using simulation models. Simple switch-based models of active devices simulate quickly, enabling more engineering insights. However, simple device models do not invoke the same confidence level in a design as a detailed manufacturer device model can.

This article, “Model-Based Power Converter Design Using High-Confidence MOSFET Models,” looks at how the power converter designer can use the system-level and detailed models together to enable exploration of the design space and also achieve high confidence in the results. An example of this process will be shown using Simulink® and Simscape™ from MathWorks with detailed SPICE subcircuits representing Infineon® Automotive MOSFETs.

This article was published in Bodo’s Power Systems.

Published 2022

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