Hardware Support

USRP Support from Communications Toolbox

Design and prototype software-defined radio (SDR) systems using USRP® with MATLAB and Simulink.

Capabilities and Features

MATLAB® and Simulink® connect to USRP® software-defined radios (SDR) from Ettus Research LLC™ and National Instruments™ to provide a radio-in-the-loop design and modeling environment. With this support package, Communications Toolbox™, and a USRP® radio, you can design and verify practical SDR systems.

MATLAB and Simulink Support Package for USRP® Radio includes:

  • Use of USRP® as a standalone peripheral for live RF data I/O, including:
    • Functions and System objects for connecting MATLAB to USRP® radios
    • Blocks for connecting Simulink to USRP® radios

Supported Radios

  • B200 and B200mini series from Ettus Research LLC
  • X300 series from Ettus Research LLC, and USRP-294X and USRP-295X series from National Instruments
  • N200 series from Ettus Research LLC, and USRP-292X and USRP-293X series from National Instruments
  • N300 series from Ettus Research LLC

Learn about support for the USRP® E310 device.

Supported Daughter Cards

Use any daughter card compatible with the supported UHD release. To find the supported UHD release, refer to the “UHD Support Update” or “Hardware Support” sections of the release notes.

Get MATLAB and Simulink Products

Wireless engineers, students, and hobbyists can receive and decode real-world radio signals using Communications Toolbox and USRP hardware.

Learn about the pricing and licensing options for buying Communications Toolbox and its required products.

Platform Support

See the hardware support package system requirements table for current and prior version, release, and platform availability. Learn more about releases prior to R2012b.

View enhancements and bug fixes in release notes.

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