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Flight Instruments

Display measurements through standard cockpit instruments

To display flight status information for your application, such as altitude and heading, use the cockpit instrument functions and their properties or gauges in MATLAB® App Designer. For example, you can use these functions and properties or gauges to replicate the look and feel of a standard cockpit. Create these standard cockpit instruments. Aerospace Toolbox creates the cockpit instruments as components. Use the associated properties to control the appearance and behavior of these cockpit instrument components.

The functions work only with figures created with the uifigure function. Apps created with GUIDE or the figure function do not support flight instrument components. With an Aerospace Toolbox license, flight instruments gauges are also available through MATLAB App Designer.


uiaeroairspeedCreate airspeed indicator component
uiaeroaltimeterCreate altimeter component
uiaeroclimbCreate climb rate indicator component
uiaeroegtCreate exhaust gas temperature (EGT) indicator component
uiaeroheadingCreate heading indicator component
uiaerohorizonCreate artificial horizon component
uiaerorpmCreate revolutions per minute (RPM) indicator component
uiaeroturnCreate turn coordinator component


AirspeedIndicator PropertiesControl airspeed indicator appearance and behavior
Altimeter PropertiesControl altimeter appearance and behavior
ArtificialHorizon PropertiesControl artificial horizon appearance and behavior
ClimbIndicator PropertiesControl climb indicator appearance and behavior
EGTIndicator PropertiesControl exhaust gas temperature (EGT) indicator appearance and behavior
HeadingIndicator PropertiesControl heading indicator appearance and behavior
RPMIndicator PropertiesControl revolutions per minute (RPM) indicator appearance and behavior
TurnCoordinator PropertiesControl turn coordinator appearance and behavior