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Finite and infinite arrays, layout visualization, mutual coupling, embedded pattern, pattern multiplication

Arrays are several antennas connected and arranged in a regular structure to form a single antenna. Arrays produce radiation patterns that when combined have characteristics that individual antenna radiation patterns cannot produce.


Antenna Array DesignerDesign, visualize, and analyze arrays


linearArrayCreate linear antenna array
rectangularArrayCreate rectangular antenna array
conformalArrayCreate conformal antenna array
circularArrayCreate circular antenna array
infiniteArrayCreate infinite array of 2-D custom antenna in X-Y plane
eggCrateCreate egg crate array of Vivaldi antenna elements


layoutDisplay array or PCB stack layout
infoDisplay information about antenna or array
showDisplay antenna, array structures or shapes


  • Array Catalog Elements

    Types of array elements in Antenna Toolbox™ array library

  • Mutual Coupling

    Active or scan impedance, array factor and pattern multiplication, coupling matrix, isolated or embedded element pattern.

  • Beamforming

    Side lobe control, beam scanning.

  • Grating Lobes

    Grating lobes are the maxima of the main beam, as predicted by the pattern multiplication theorem.

  • Rotate Antennas and Arrays

    Orient the antenna and array in 3D space.