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Software Architecture Modeling

Model and simulate AUTOSAR software architecture for the Classic Platform (requires System Composer™)

An AUTOSAR architecture model provides resources and a canvas for developing AUTOSAR composition and component models. From the architecture model, you can:

  • Add and connect AUTOSAR compositions and components, or import a composition from ARXML files.

  • Create architecture views for analysis.

  • Link components to requirements (requires Simulink® Requirements™).

  • Define component behavior by creating, linking, or importing Simulink models.

  • Configure scheduling and simulation.

  • Export composition and component ARXML descriptions and generate component code (requires Embedded Coder®).

Architecture models provide an end-to-end AUTOSAR software design workflow. In Simulink, you can author a high-level application design, implement behavior for application components, add Basic Software (BSW) service calls and service implementations, and simulate the application.


Software ComponentModel software component in AUTOSAR architecture model
Software CompositionModel software composition in AUTOSAR architecture model
Diagnostic Service ComponentConfigure AUTOSAR Diagnostic Services and Runtime Environment (RTE) for emulation
NVRAM Service ComponentConfigure AUTOSAR NVRAM Services and Runtime Environment (RTE) for emulation


autosar.arch.createModelCreate AUTOSAR architecture model
autosar.arch.loadModelLoad AUTOSAR architecture model
addBSWServiceAdd Basic Software component to AUTOSAR architecture model
addComponentAdd component to AUTOSAR architecture model
addCompositionAdd composition to AUTOSAR architecture model
addPortAdd port to AUTOSAR component, composition, or architecture model
closeClose AUTOSAR architecture model
connectConnect AUTOSAR architecture components and compositions
createModelCreate Simulink implementation model for AUTOSAR architecture component
destroyRemove and delete AUTOSAR architecture element
exportExport AUTOSAR architecture model ARXML and generate component code
findFind AUTOSAR architecture elements
getGet property of AUTOSAR architecture element
getXmlOptionsGet XML option for AUTOSAR architecture model
importFromARXMLImport composition from ARXML files into AUTOSAR architecture model
layoutArrange AUTOSAR composition or architecture model layout based on heuristics
linkToModelLink AUTOSAR architecture component to Simulink implementation model
openOpen AUTOSAR architecture model
saveSave AUTOSAR architecture model
setSet property of AUTOSAR architecture element
setXmlOptionsSet XML option for AUTOSAR architecture model


Create AUTOSAR Architecture Models

Create software architecture canvas for developing AUTOSAR compositions and components.

Add and Connect AUTOSAR Compositions and Components

Add AUTOSAR software compositions, components, ports, and connectors.

Import AUTOSAR Composition from ARXML

Import AUTOSAR software composition from ARXML files.

Create AUTOSAR Architecture Views for Analysis

To help analyze AUTOSAR architecture, create filtered views of model hierarchies.

Link AUTOSAR Components to Simulink Requirements

Link AUTOSAR components that implement requirements to Simulink requirements.

Define AUTOSAR Component Behavior by Creating or Linking Models

Add Simulink behavior to AUTOSAR components by creating, linking, or importing models.

Configure AUTOSAR Scheduling and Simulation

Schedule and simulate components in AUTOSAR architecture model.

Generate and Package AUTOSAR Composition XML Descriptions and Component Code

Generate and optionally package AUTOSAR XML descriptions and C code with one click.

Author AUTOSAR Compositions and Components in Architecture Model

Develop AUTOSAR compositions and components for the Classic Platform by using an architecture model.

Import AUTOSAR Composition into Architecture Model

Import ARXML description of AUTOSAR software composition into architecture model.

Configure AUTOSAR Architecture Model Programmatically

Call architecture functions to configure an AUTOSAR software architecture model.