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Create AUTOSAR Software Architecture Model

To begin developing AUTOSAR compositions and components in a software architecture canvas, create an AUTOSAR architecture model (requires System Composer™).

  1. Open a local working folder containing example models required for this tutorial. Enter the MATLAB® command openExample('autosar_tpc_composition'). After you open the folder, you can close the autosar_tpc_composition model or leave it open for reference.

  2. Open the Simulink® Start Page by entering the MATLAB command simulink.

    On the New tab, scroll down to AUTOSAR Blockset and expand the list of model templates. Place your cursor over the Software Architecture template and click Create Model.

    A new AUTOSAR architecture model opens.

    • In the Simulink Toolstrip, the Modeling tab supports common tasks for architecture modeling.

    • To the left of the model window, the palette includes icons for adding different types of AUTOSAR components to the model: Classic Component, Software Composition, and for Basic Software (BSW) modeling, Diagnostic Service Component and NVRAM Service Component.

    • The composition editor provides a view of AUTOSAR software architecture based on the AUTOSAR Virtual Function Bus (VFB). The model canvas initially is empty.

    Composition displays an AUTOSAR classic architecture model.

This tutorial constructs a throttle position control application. Perform the steps in a new architecture model or refer to example model autosar_tpc_composition, which shows the end result.

Next, add and connect AUTOSAR compositions and components and add Simulink behavior to components.

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