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Simulate Components in AUTOSAR Architecture

To simulate the behavior of the aggregated components in an AUTOSAR architecture model, go to the top level of the architecture model and click Run.

If you try to run the architecture model constructed in this tutorial, an error message reports that a function definition was not found for a Basic Software (BSW) function caller block. Three of the component implementation models contain BSW function calls that require BSW service implementations.

To view those function calls, open your architecture model, for example, myTPC_Composition.slx. On the Debug tab, select Information Overlays > Function Connectors. This selection lists function connectors for each model that contains function calls. To see the models with BSW function calls, open the Sensors composition.

The models contain function calls to Diagnostic Event Manager (Dem) and NVRAM Manager (NvM) services. Before the application can be simulated, you must add Diagnostic Service Component and NVRAM Service Component blocks to the top model.

  1. Return to the top level of the architecture model and select the Modeling tab. To add the service implementation blocks, select and place an instance of Diagnostic Service Component and an instance of NVRAM Service Component. To wire the function callers to the BSW service implementations, update the model.

  2. After adding DEM/FIM and NvM service blocks to a model, check the mapping of the BSW function-caller client ports to BSW service IDs. Dem client ports map to Dem service event IDs and NvM client ports map to NvM service block IDs. For this tutorial, update the Dem mapping. Open the DEM/FIM block dialog box, select the RTE tab, and enter the event ID values shown. Click OK. For more information about BSW ID mapping, see Simulate AUTOSAR Basic Software Services and Run-Time Environment.

  3. The architecture model is now ready to be simulated. Click Run.

Next, if you have access to Embedded Coder® software, you can export composition and component AUTOSAR XML files and generate component code from the AUTOSAR architecture model.

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