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TDMS Format Files

Read and write data to NI™ TDMS format files; read multiple TDMS files in a datastore collection

With Data Acquisition Toolbox™ you can access NI TDMS format files. You can read or write individual TDMS files, or with a TDMSDatastore object you can read collections of TDMS files simultaneously. You can read data into tables or timetables.


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tdmsreadRead data from TDMS file (Since R2022a)
tdmswriteWrite data to TDMS file (Since R2022b)
tdmsinfoInformation about TDMS file (Since R2022a)
tdmsreadpropRead properties as single row table from TDMS file (Since R2022a)
tdmswritepropWrite properties to TDMS file (Since R2022b)
tdmsconvertConvert file to TDMS v2.0 compliant format (Since R2024a)
tdmsDatastoreDatastore for collection of TDMS files (Since R2022a)
readRead data in TDMS datastore (Since R2022a)
readallRead all data in TDMS datastore (Since R2022a)
previewRead first 8 records from TDMS datastore (Since R2022a)
hasdataDetermine if data is available to read from TDMS datastore (Since R2022a)
resetReset TDMS datastore to initial state (Since R2022a)


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