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figure-Based Apps

Develop apps created programmatically using the figure function, or apps exported from GUIDE

If you create apps using the figure function or export a GUIDE app to a MATLAB® file, you can continue to develop, run, and edit these apps, but they will not take advantage of the new features and UI components that are available with UI figures. For more information about other ways to build apps, see Ways to Build Apps.

To get started, see Create and Run a Simple figure-Based App.


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axesCreate Cartesian axes
uicontrolCreate user interface control
uitable Create table user interface component
uipanelCreate panel container
uibuttongroupCreate button group to manage radio buttons and toggle buttons
uitabCreate tabbed panel
uitabgroupCreate container for tabbed panels
uimenuCreate menu or menu items
uicontextmenuCreate context menu component
uitoolbarCreate toolbar in figure
uipushtoolCreate push tool in toolbar
uitoggletoolCreate toggle tool in toolbar
alignAlign UI control components and axes objects
moveguiMove figure to specified location on screen
getpixelpositionGet component position in pixels
setpixelpositionSet component position in pixels
listfontsList available system fonts
textwrapWrap text for user interface control
uistackReorder visual stacking of UI components


errordlgCreate error dialog box
warndlgCreate warning dialog box
msgboxCreate message dialog box
helpdlgCreate help dialog box
waitbarCreate or update wait bar dialog box

Confirmation and Input

questdlgCreate question dialog box
inputdlgCreate dialog box to gather user input
listdlgCreate list selection dialog box
uisetcolorOpen color picker
uisetfontOpen font selection dialog box
export2wsdlgCreate dialog box for exporting variables to workspace

File System

uigetfileOpen file selection dialog box
uiputfileOpen dialog box for saving files
uigetdirOpen folder selection dialog box
uiopenOpen file selection dialog box and load selected file into workspace
uisaveOpen dialog box for saving variables to MAT-file

Printing and Export

printdlgOpen figure Print dialog box
printpreviewOpen figure Print Preview dialog box
exportsetupdlgOpen figure Export Setup dialog box


dialogCreate empty modal dialog box
uigetpref Create dialog box that opens according to user preference
uiwaitBlock program execution and wait to resume
uiresumeResume execution of blocked program
waitforBlock execution and wait for condition
waitforbuttonpressWait for click or key press
closereqDefault figure close request function
getappdataRetrieve application-defined data
setappdataStore application-defined data
isappdataTrue if application-defined data exists
rmappdataRemove application-defined data
guidataStore or retrieve UI data
guihandlesCreate structure containing all child objects of Figure
uisetprefManage preferences used in uigetpref


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Axes Properties Axes appearance and behavior
UIControl PropertiesControl appearance and behavior of user interface control
Table PropertiesControl table UI component appearance and behavior in figure-based apps
Panel PropertiesControl panel appearance and behavior in figure-based apps
ButtonGroup PropertiesControl button group appearance and behavior in figure-based apps
Tab PropertiesControl tab appearance and behavior in figure-based apps
TabGroup PropertiesControl tab group appearance and behavior in figure-based apps
Menu PropertiesControl menu appearance and behavior in figure-based apps
ContextMenu PropertiesControl context menu appearance and behavior
Toolbar PropertiesControl toolbar appearance and behavior
PushTool PropertiesControl push tool appearance and behavior
ToggleTool PropertiesControl toggle tool appearance and behavior


Lay Out a UI Programmatically

Set the size, location, and front-to-back order of components programmatically.

Write Callbacks for Apps Created Programmatically

Write callbacks to control the behavior of apps you create programmatically.

Share Data Among Callbacks

Manage and share data in your app using different techniques.

Interrupt Callback Execution

Learn how to control whether callbacks can be interrupted by other callbacks.

DPI-Aware Behavior in MATLAB

Learn about DPI-aware behavior that improves the appearance of graphical elements on high-resolution systems.

Ways to Build Apps

Choose an app building approach that best suits your project requirements and your preferred workflow.